Boundaries Crossed Theme Deck - "Ice Shock" [White Kyurem]

Boundaries Crossed Theme Deck - "Ice Shock" [White Kyurem] Image
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Set Boundaries Crossed
Character(s) Kyurem /
Feel the chill as White Kyurem takes center stage in the electrifying Ice Shock theme deck! Foes have no time to stop and stare as White Kyurem unleashes its electrifying Flash Freeze attack, and with Jellicent’s Stickiness Ability, they won’t even be able to run and hide! The jolts continue as Lopunny takes time out from healing to drive the Defending Pokémon back to the Bench, helping Electivire blow your opponent’s fuses as it delivers punish attacks to Benched Pokémon. Can those who stand in your way avoid the blackout?

Contents for each Deck:
• 1 60-card pre-constructed deck
• Damage counters
• 1 coin
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