Boundaries Crossed Theme Deck - "Cold Fire" [Black Kyurem]

Boundaries Crossed Theme Deck - "Cold Fire" [Black Kyurem] Image
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Set Boundaries Crossed
Character(s) Kyurem /
Watch foes feel the heat as Black Kyurem sets your game ablaze in the Cold Fire theme deck! Send opponents on a slipper downward spiral with Samurott’s Destructive Whirlpool attack, and run rings around them as they try to fend off Darmanitan’s ferocious Damage Counterpunch attack. And, with Delibird, Delcatty, and Dunsparce delivering you deck-searching delights to drive the flames ever higher, your opponents will be going out...but not in a blaze of glory!

Contents for each Deck:
• 1 60-card pre-constructed deck
• Damage counters
• 1 coin
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