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About PokemonWizard.com

How It All Got Started, and our mission to provide the best prices and trends for all Pokemon Cards, Sets and Characters

Welcome to PokemonWizard.com. Regardless of how you got here, we are happy to have you. We hope you enjoy your stay, our services, and please check back soon for more features. If you have some ideas on how to make PokemonWizard.com better, please let us know and contact us. Also, feel free to check out our partners, and it supports our site.

Please read on for our story, and learn how one card, made the difference.


The Story

Our founder has not been a collector long, he is a father of 2, and was more of a sports card collector in his younger years than a Pokémon lover. However, times change, boys turn into young men, men evolve into fathers, and fathers get to relive their childhood through their children. The second chance at Pokémon came during Christmas morning of 2020. On the list from Santa Claus was Pokémon cards, seems easy enough. Not so easy, lots of sets, boxes, and products, and knockoffs, and worthless junk lined the shelves of target as well as the pages of Amazon (don’t buy cards on Amazon, ever!). And if an over the hill father of 2 knows little about Pokémon, than grandmas and aunts know nothing. But Christmas came and went, and of course the Pokémon cards that they had to have, sat under the tree, and in the stocking.

The product was a Pokeball tin. Premier Ball to be exact. You can see an opening here.

Well as the packs were opened there was one card that started it all.

M Rayquaza EX Shiny Full Art 98/98 Ancient Origins


M Rayquaza EX Shiny Full Art 98/98 Ancient Origins

The Card

Flipping through the pack of ancient origins, there was a card, M Rayquaza EX 98/98 Hyper Rare. This was cool, this has to be worth something right? Well, it was. Turns out the M Rayquaza EX from Ancient Origins is the best pull of the set, was worth about $30 at that time, and you can see the current value here on the card details page.

Pretty cool, a random Pokeball tin, and the best pull of the set, what are the odds? If someone wants to compute the odds, let us know.

This card made us collectors, we were officially all in on Pokémon Cards.


The Project

Now, fast forward to 2020 fully into the Pokémon movement, buying cards, researching sets, following prices, watching YouTube card openings (yes, its true), What Now? Well, not long after, we have March of 2020. We all know about COVID-19, and the impact it has had on our lives, and the world. Well, in order to stay busy and keep our mind off of the pandemic, we needed a project. What started out small, has now grown into the PokemonWizard.com.

Combining our loves of children, card collecting, stock market, trends, money/value, and of course Pokémon.

This tool will help collectors manage card trends, and also understand what sets/cards to buy, trade, and also track a collection of their own. For a full overview of existing features as well as what's coming soon, go here. Have an idea for a feature, let us know.

M Rayquaza EX Shiny Full Art 98/98 Ancient Origins

The Future

What’s in store for the future, who knows. Our hope is to provide a service to the community, while having some fun and connecting with collectors and peers. We are software engineers, managers, fathers, husbands, and Pokémon enthusiasts.

Thank you again for your support, and please connect with us to follow along on the journey.

Please support our partners so we can continue to operate.


-- The PokemonWizard.com Team

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