Primal Clash Theme Deck - "Ocean's Core" [Kyogre]

Primal Clash Theme Deck - "Ocean's Core" [Kyogre] Image
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Set Primal Clash
Character(s) Kyogre /
Opposites working together create a furious maelstrom! The Ocean's Core theme deck brings together the raging Ocean Cyclone of Kyogre and the blazing inferno of Combusken. Thanks to its a Growth Ancient Trait, Whiscash can power up fast to unleash a fearsome Earthquake, while Milotic uses Aqua Swirl to put your opponent's big attackers on the Bench! So take a shot with this medley of Fire and Water—because when the ocean burns, nothing can stop you!

• 1 60-card preconstructed deck
• Damage counters
• 1 coin
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