Phantom Forces Theme Deck - "Bolt Twister" [Galvantula]

Phantom Forces Theme Deck - "Bolt Twister" [Galvantula] Image
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Set Phantom Forces
Character(s) Galvantula /
Lightning and Water make a dangerous combination—for your opponents! Galvantula can spin a bright Electroweb, while Heliolisk powers up its Parabolic Spark. At the same time, Kingler can drop the big Crabhammer, and Feraligatr's Hyper Whirlpool is ready to pull the foe under. To maximize your odds, Frillish and Jellicent confuse and befuddle opposing Pokemon—sometimes the path to victory takes a few twists and turns, and sometimes you can bolt to the top!

• 1 60-card preconstructed deck
• Damage counters
• 1 coin
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