XY Base Set Theme Deck - "Resilient Life" [Xerneas]

XY Base Set Theme Deck - "Resilient Life" [Xerneas] Image
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Set XY
Character(s) Xerneas /
A Strong Shield of Energy!
Resist, refuel, and retaliate with the Resilient Life theme deck. Xerneas can find Fairy Energy to recharge your Benched Pokemon, and Aromatisse moves that Energy around to wherever you need it most. Once your Pokémon have Fairy Energy attached, things get even better: Slurpuff's Sweet Veil Ability protects them from Special Conditions, and the Fairy Garden Stadium card lets them retreat for free! Flexible defenses are the key to your victory!

• 1 60-card preconstructed deck
• Damage counters
• 1 coin
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